Case Study: LightBox TV
2021, London, United Kingdom
LightBoxTV enables connected TV for advertisers
From ideation to commercial MVP in 5 months
Successful seed funding round aided by product achievements
Evolved from full solution ownership to Augmented team


  • Full Solution Development
  • Augmented Team
  • Ideation
  • Product Strategy
  • Fund Raising
  • UX Design
  • SaaS/Full stack web solution
  • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment


  • REACT Native
  • Node.JS
  • Cloud Computing
  • ML

LightBoxTV is dedicated to revolutionizing the TV advertising landscape. They help media buyers 
and advertisers to navigate the fragmented ecosystem of digital connected TV.

The LightBoxTV platform encompasses  a set of advanced tools to streamline TV advertising for 
ad agency media buyers, providing them with efficiencies they need to succeed.

Quontex engaged with LightBoxTV at early stages, to help define their product, build the MVP and create a team of talented technologists to scale through their growth stage.


LightBoxTV had identified a lucrative market opportunity in an emerging market, but had a number of constraints and challenges in designing a solution that would fit the market demand.

They needed a knowledgeable expert with the right domain expertise, to firstly advise on what technical possibilities existed and how they could be conquered.

Thereafter they required a trustworthy partner to take full responsibility for the build of their MVP in a timely manner, whilst they were raising seed funding.

Following success in their funding round, Lightbox wanted to set up a cost efficient nearshore augmented team, where they are able to attract the top talent as they scale.

A partnership with Quontex was established at the very early stages of their journey, whereby the two companies worked in synergy to define the product vision, requirements and acceptance criteria that would lead to commencing the architecting and build of the SaaS platform.
Quontex Adtech product specialists, designers and system architects created clearly defined blueprints, set up infrastructure and instantiated project management processes. Quontex then began the build on a full solution ownership basis, taking responsibility for all of the MVP delivery.
In the final stages of the MVP, Lightbox attracted a highly talented in-house Product Director, to whom Quontex transferred product ownership, following successful MVP delivery.
Quontex then assisted Lightbox  in moving to a nearshore augmented team model, and set up their development team in Lisbon, Portugal.
To date LightBox have partnered with Quontex for 2 years, during this time we were able to create the vision, execute on the build and timely delivery of the commercially viable MVP, which played a significant role in raising their second round of Seed funding.  The product has since started to generate and grow revenues through SaaS license deals.
Lightbox now operate their core business in the UK, with a growing team in Lisbon, Portugal helping to drive cost efficient growth and innovation through being able to attract the best talent.
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