Case Study: 3T Logistics

2021, United Kingdom
Building a world class team to deliver a leading digital transport platform: 3T taps Quontex for top talent
Built the best performing development team unit in under 2 months
High level of productivity driven by motivation & retention
Multi-domain, cross functional team growth leads to reduced hiring and operations costs


  • Augmented team


  • .NET
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Support

3T’s technology delivers significant cost reductions and service improvements through automation, optimization and data insight to businesses across the world. Their digital transport platform, ‘EVENT’ enables true supply chain digital transformation for any size and type of business, any transport mode, anywhere in the world.

3T engaged Quontex as part of an internal drive to improve the cost efficiency of their R&D team, whilst gaining access to the best pan-European talent pool of technology specialists,


3T was experiencing challenges in sourcing top tech talent, with the right domain expertise in their local market, furthermore having the flexibility to ramp up and ramp down their team quickly and cost efficiently.

They required a solution that can address the specific need for their business, and be able to adapt to different phases of the company’s journey. In addition their incumbent team and management were working to tight deadlines, and had limited resources to source, onboard and retain new talent.

Quontex came in and quickly understood 3T’s products, technologies, processes and needs. The right specialists were vetted and presented to 3T, the quality and speed of candidates meant that 3T managers could minimize the amount of time spent on interviews.
Quontex helped with onboarding selected candidates, assisted remote specialists onboarding and integration into the companies process and culture, took full ownership of cross boarded payroll/taxation and ensure the talent is retained.
Quontex was also able to help ramp down specialists in a matter of weeks when 3T’s business priorities changed.
Since 2021 Quontex have helped 3T attract the best talent to the most difficult roles, the top engineers have stayed loyal to 3T over the years, and the team has continually grown.
This has helped 3T to grow as a business and remove bottlenecks they had faced in the past.
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