Case Study: C-Screens
2019, London, United Kingdom
C-Screens deploys revolutionary C-Player with Quontex team
increased ROI on ad spend with realtime hyper-local targeting
Over £1M in annual savings on deployment & maintenance of hardware
Uptime across remotely managed player endpoints


  • Full stack web solution (SaaS)
  • Cloud based infrastructure deployment
  • System Integration
  • UX/UI Design
  • Cloud Infrastructure Implementation and Optimization


  • .NET
  • REACT Native
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom hardware integration

C-Screens is the UK’s largest audio-visual outdoor TV broadcaster, screening premium content to highly engaged and bespoke audiences nationwide. They provide end to end solutions for landowners, brands and ad-agencies alike, their goal to entertain consumers and work with advertisers to extend their TV in public spaces.

As a market innovator, C-Screens saw beyond off-the shelf software solutions available to outdoor broadcasters, having defined a vision and understood market needs, they engaged Quontex’s Ad-Tech specialists team to build a bespoke solution tailored to their market and customer needs.


C-Screens are experts in the field of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) broadcasting and advertising, and had a clear understanding of what incumbent, legacy tech solutions lacked in enabling the best results for their customers.

They wanted to create a new solution, based on latest technology and customer demand trends, to enable the most competitive ROI and performance for their advertiser clients, whilst providing the best value to their retail partners. Ultimately they wanted a solution that would set them head over heels above their competitors.

Quontex’s AdTech product specialists have decades of experience in DOOH technology, they worked hand-in-hand together with C-Screens product, operations, sales and executive teams to gather and fine tune the requirements and acceptance criteria for an end-to-end solution.
This included AWS cloud based backend, REACT native based SaaS frontend and .NET based Windows Client binary, packaged into an easily distributable operating system image file that can be deployed and managed on small form factor (SFF) devices at the retail sites using MDM.
The Quontex team architected, built and tested the full solution ahead of planned schedule and within agreed budget. Full documentation and ownership of the product was transferred to the C-Screens, and the support contract helped them to have the peace of mind that the right experts are always on hand to help with any development.
The solution enabled C-Screens to cement themselves as the leader in the space of DOOH Broadcasting.
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