Case Study: Maddict
2020, Dubai, UAE
Maddict's Success with Quontex's Location Services, Data Engineering and SaaS Expertise
Customized GIS SaaS platform integration
Efficient delivery of backlog and extended services
Project completed under budget and ahead of schedule


  • Full Solution Ownership
  • Big Data Consulting and Engineering


  • Geographical Information System (GIS) SaaS platform
  • Big Data Analytics

Maddict, a leading mobile advertising network in the Middle East, required additional expertise in location services and big data to deliver its growing backlog. Quontex was contracted to tackle the backlog remotely with their European team, leveraging their big data expertise and augmented team model to produce high-quality solutions. The relationship between Quontex and Maddict has continued to evolve, with Quontex now delivering additional features related to audience targeting and performance measurement across Maddict’s product line.


The primary challenge for Maddict was to address its growing feature backlog, which required customizing a third-party GIS SaaS platform and integrating it with various client platforms.

Maddict needed a partner with strong technical expertise and the ability to work efficiently in collaboration with their in-house team.

Quontex partnered with Maddict on the component build model, providing their expert engineers to work alongside Maddict’s team and the third-party platform engineers. They quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its requirements, allowing them to make customizations and integrations efficiently while maintaining comprehensive documentation.
The efficient delivery of the GIS based SaaS platform customization and integration by Quontex allowed Maddict to tackle its feature backlog and enhance its audience targeting capabilities.
The project was completed within six weeks of engagement, under budget, and ahead of schedule. This success has led to an ongoing relationship between Quontex and Maddict, with Quontex now supporting development of additional product features on an ad-hoc basis.
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