Case Study: Gismart
2020, Europe
Gismart's Success with Quontex's Machine Learning Solution
increased margin on User Acquisition spend
in increased monthly profits
Machine Learning-based solution for user behavior analysis


  • Machine Learning Algorithm Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Implementation and Optimization


  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing

Gismart is a world-leading publisher of hyper-casual games for smartphones, recognized as the 6th fastest growing company in Europe in 2020, with over a billion downloads worldwide. With exponential user growth, Gismart was determined to find innovative ways to increase margin and revenue by optimizing the top of the funnel in their user acquisition strategy.


Gismart had identified an opportunity to tailor bespoke pricing packages to individual users based on behavioral personas, to improve user experience and improve margin.

The challenge was to create a solution which intricately balances between collecting enough data during the user’s first interaction with the product, and ensuring the user does not leave the product due to a cumbersome onboarding process. Furthermore to use collected data to recommend the correct pricing package for the user.

The solution needed to be scalable across millions of users, and capable of integrating seamlessly with Gismart’s existing product set.

Quontex partnered with Gismart to develop a Machine Learning-based solution to analyze user behavior such as swipes and taps on the screen, as well as typing behavior and several multiple choice questions during the first 30 seconds of the onboarding process.
By evaluating how users interacted with the app during their initial experience, the real-time algorithm was able to identify patterns and trends, guiding users towards relevant pricing packages.
The Machine Learning-based solution crafted by Quontex resulted in a 15% increased take-up rate of premium content by new app subscribers, generating £500k of increased revenue for Gismart.
This remarkable outcome not only solidified Gismart’s position as a dominant force in the mobile gaming industry but also demonstrated Quontex’s expertise in delivering innovative, high-impact solutions that drive tangible results for clients.
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