Case Study: Telefonica
2020, Global
Telefonica's Success with Quontex's GDPR Compliant Solution
GDPR compliant location-based data solution
Processing tens of billions of data points per month
Customised GIS-based computations and data joins


  • Custom SaaS Platform Development
  • GDPR Compliance & Data Anonymization
  • Big Data Engineering & Analytics


  • AWS EMR with Spark
  • Scala
  • REACT Native
  • Java
  • Google Big Query

Telefonica, a global telecommunications giant, sought a GDPR compliant solution to analyze location-based data and gain valuable insights into footfall attribution, connecting the digital experience to the physical world. This would allow Telefonica to study real-life scenarios and identify the personas of users visiting retail and commercial hotspots.


Telefonica needed a solution that would allow them to analyze huge amounts of smartphone generated GPS location data in a GDPR compliant manner, attributing footfall in the physical world to digital experiences, and identifying user personas across various retail and commercial hotspots.

To achieve this, they required a development partner with domain expertise in GIS, GDPR compliance, data anonymization, and the ability to process massive amounts of data efficiently.

Quontex partnered with Telefonica to develop complex data processing pipelines and a SaaS platform focused on footfall measurement, attribution and audience analytics. The platform was built from the ground up, tailored to Telefonica’s requirements, and adhered to stringent security and privacy protocols.
Quontex designed and built complex data processing algorithms, and deployed these on Amazon EMR service, such that billions of records could be processed cost efficiently and reliably, Quontex’s expertise in GDPR compliance, data anonymization, and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies enabled the effective delivery of a quality solution within agreed timescales.
Quontex successfully delivered highly efficient and reliable platforms ahead of time, enabling Telefonica to analyze location-based data in a GDPR compliant manner and gain valuable insights into footfall attribution and user personas. This success showcased Quontex’s expertise in developing custom solutions tailored to clients’ needs, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner.
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